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Food : Fish Food Solutions - Wheat Germ
Wheat Germ 5kg 6mm Pellet
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Description: Protein: 37.0% Fat: 6.0% Fibre: 2.3% Ash: 8.8% Vitamin A: 25,000 IU/kg Vitamin D3: 2,800 IU/kg Vitamin E: 220mg/kg Vitamin C: 330mg/kg - Available in 3mm Small Junior & 6mm Medium Pellet Sezes - All Year Round Premium Quality, Complete Wheat Germ Food for Koi - Contains everything that your Koi need especially for cooler water temperatures - Also suitable for other types of Pond Fish - Suitable for pond water temperatures of 8 and above - Manufactured in EEC - Store in a dry, cool place
Quantity: 1
Product Code: FFS-751
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