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Heaters : Heating A Koi Pond

Thinking of Heating Your Koi Pond? Let's list some real benefits of why a Koi pond should be heated!

• Very low temperatures are avoided causing less stress and associated health problems. New fish can be introduced at any time - lowering stress factors in winter months for new arrivals.

• Temperature fluctuations are avoided once again causing less stress to your Koi. A pond heater will eliminate the ”highs” and ”lows” and the thermostat will most certainly prevent the ”lows” becoming too severe. Koi are not happy with rapidly changing water temperatures.

• Your Koi will emerge from the long winter into spring considerably stronger, therefore reducing mortality rates at this time of year. Filter systems will be more active as bacteria will also not have experienced excessive ”die-back”, and will be able to handle more ammonia and nitrites produced from spring feedings - which otherwise would have created yet one more problem if cold water had been present for a long duration of time. Many people consider the Koi need to be kept warm, but the bacteria is a hidden ally that also needs care and consideration!

• Your Koi are more active, they feed and continue to grow. We know of NO FISH which is expected to hibernate because of a cold environment.

• Your Koi's immune system is not suppressed by adverse winter temperatures. This important factor keeps the Koi ”switched on” and assists them to defend against disease, bacterial infections and parasites.

• Biological filter systems remain active throughout the winter months avoiding long start up periods in the spring to bring them up to efficiency. Filter bacteria will not reproduce at the same rate in cold water - temperatures in excess of 50°f are more likely to maintain good colonisation and replenish dying bacteria daily.

• Last but not least, heating your pond allows Koi keepers to enjoy their hobby throughout the winter months - why not enjoy such a fabulous hobby ALL YEAR ROUND?

There are basically two types of heater for your pond - Gas/Oil and Electric.

Heating Your Pond with Electricity

Grange Marketing stock two models of electric heater the very economical ELECRO Analogue unit and the Hi-tech Digital alternative.

. All units are easy to install and are extremely economical to run. GM recommends that pipework should be of the “rigid type” not hosepipe alternatives. This makes for a secure fixing and less likely to cause accidents. “Do IT once – but do it right”!

* Based on Seaboard Economy 7 tariff @ 2.66p per unit

In severe weather conditions you may find it necessary for the heater to be on during the day for an hour or two, in which case running costs will be slightly increased. However, an insulated pond with a swimming pool cover or bubble wrap will reduce running costs considerably.


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